Coleman Powermate / Sanborn Valve Plate Assembly Replacement Repair Kit 043-0171

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Replacement Valve Plate Assembly for Coleman Powermate Sanborn Air Compressors

This is a Coleman Powermate / Sanborn valve plate assembly repair kit. A compressor with a damaged valve will run slowly, not build pressure, and put unnecessary strain on the motor assembly. This is the complete factory OEM valve plate replacement part #043-0171.

Features and Specifications:

• Compatible with Coleman Powermate Sanborn Air Compressors
• Part Number: 043-0171
• Includes Valve Plate with Reed Valves and Two Gaskets

Compatible Models:

• L0631112, L00501512, L0502712, L0602012, L0602112 , CL0501512, L501512, 040-0326, 040-0327, CP0200312, P0200312, 040-0328