Compressed Air In Line Oil Coalescing Oilesser Filter Replacement Element FM9607

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    New inline oil coalescing oilesser filter air cleaner/dryer replacement .01 micron filter element. This replacement filter element is used in FFLM966, FFLM968, FM966, and FM968  air dryer/filter systems and is designed to remove the dirt along with most contaminants such as oils, oil aerosols and condensed water from compressed air line system. This FM9607 filter replacement will provide filtration at .01 micron and is suitable for use in the most demanding of jobs such as painting, sandblasting, and other compressed air uses.


• Length: 5-1/4"
 • Diameter: 2-1/4"
• Threads Measure About 1-1/4" In Diameter.
• .01 Micron Filter Element