Condor 11LC2E Pressure Switch Control Valve 120-150PSI 4 Port 1/4" FNPT MDR11/11

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Condor 11LC2E Four Port Pressure Switch 120-150 PSI w/ Unloader Port

Brand new 120-150 PSI air compressor pressure switch or also known as a pressure control valve. This switch has four ports on the bottom for air inlet hook ups, which are 1/4" female NPT. It also has a 1/4" compression unloader valve that comes out the bottom of the switch with a 90-degree elbow. This switch works with 110-240 volt motors and can handle 26 full load amps at 240 volts. This switch also comes in a NEMA 1 enclosure to protect the components from drops and other accidents. For technical specifications please see below. 


• Factory Set Pressure Range: 120-150 PSI
• Pressure Switch Differential: 25 to 65 PSI
• Minimum Cut It Pressure: 25 PSI
• Maximum Cut Out Pressure: 160 PSI
• Rated Switching Capacity: 2HP at 120 Volts, 3HP at 240 Volts

• Max Switching Capacity: 26 Full Load Amps at 240 Volts
• Switch Works with 120 Volts and 208-240 Volts
• 1/4" Female NPT Connection
1/4" Compression Unloader Valve
• Four Ports
• 2-Pole Single Phase (N.C.)
• NEMA 1 Enclosure
• Steel Flange
• Adjustable Range and Differential

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