Digital Timer Tank Drain Electronic Valve Air Compressor Condensate 1/4" 250 PSI

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Digital Timer Drain 1/4" 115 Volts 60Hz 250PSI

Reliable drains are an important component for all compressed air systems. If your compressor system isn't properly drained it can damage your equipment and tank. This digital timer drain is ideal for all compressed air components. This digital timer drain allows you to choose when the drain should open and close based on your specific needs and peak times of operation.

This drain incorporates a digital timer designed with an easy-to-read LED display with backlight, ON and OFF buttons for accurate programming, indicator lights to show valve open and valve closed program status and a compact durable housing. 

The digital timer included with the new 720 drain is equipped with a wide range of adjustable open and closed drain valve settings that enable programming of the timer from 0.5 to 99 seconds for valve open and 0.5 minutes to 50 minutes for valve closed times. 

It also contains the same high-quality diaphragm style valve as the original 720, but with digital interface for programming exact open and close valve settings. 

Features & Specifications :

• 1/4" Male NPT
• 60Hz
• 1 Phase
• 250 PSI
• Easy to Read LED Display with Backlight
• Adjustable Valve Open Times from 0.5-99 Seconds
• Adjustable Valve Closed Times from 0.5-60 Minutes
• Power Supply: 115 Volts, 3 Pronged Grounded Plug with 6' Cord
• IP65 Protection Class
• Standard DIN43650A Input and Output Connection