Eaton 7.5 Horsepower Single 1 Phase 230V Magnetic Starter B27CGF40B040 Motor Control

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Brand new industrial grade, heavy duty Eaton 7.5 horsepower single phase 220-240 volt magnetic starter with a steel housing, part number: B27CGF40B040. Eaton offers the most complete line of Definite Purpose (DP) contactors in the industry. Designed for air compressors, HVACR, and more, Eaton's motor starters are designed to perform in a variety of installations.



Starter Housing Size:

10" Tall, 6" Wide, 6" Deep

Starter Rating:

7.5 HP 

220-240 Volt

Single Phase

24-40 Amps / Adjustable

UL / CSA Certified Components

Class 10 Trip Class

Bi-Metallic Ambient Compensated Operated

Trip Free Mechanism

Shrouded Finger Proof Terminals Reduce Possibility of Electric Shock

Single Phase Sensitivity


If you currently have a 7.5 HP air compressor and the contacts on your pressure switch keep burning up, a starter is what is needed to fix the problem.

If you are using this starter on an air compressor, you will also need a pressure switch to control the starter. In this application the pressure switch controls the on and off of the starter depending on the pressure setting of the pressure switch.

There is a 30 day replacement warranty on this item that is ONLY available with proof of professional install.