Fastpipe 1" Tool Kit Set For Installing A FastPipe Compressed Air System F0137

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FastPipe 1" Tool Kit Set F0137

This FastPipe toolkit includes all the tools you need to install your FastPipe compressed air system. Comes with a pipe cutter, deburr tool, 2 spanner wrenches, and a spray bottle. This kit makes adjusting the pipes of your FastPipe system easy as heck and means your system will be up and running at top performance as soon as possible. See below for more features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

• 2 Spanner Wrenches To Ensure Full Closer On Your Air System
• Deburr Tool That Makes Your Newly Adjusted Pipes Fit Like A Glove
• Pipe Cutter That's Easy To Use
• Spray Bottle To Help With Assembly Of Adjusted Pipe
• Easy To Use Kit To Get Your FastPipe System Up And Running Fast