Gas Air Compressor Unloader Check Valve Combo 145 - 175 PSI 3/4" Inlet & Outlet

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Brand new continuous run air compressor piloted discharge check valve. This valve features a 3/4" Compression inlet x 3/4" NPT Male thread outlet. This is a combination valve that includes a pilot valve, pressure discharge valve, and a check valve all in one piece. Using this valve will make it possible to have a constantly running air compressor with either a gas or electric motor. The valve will relieve the pressure that the compressor is pumping into the atmosphere through a silencer. This will let your compressor continue to run without building pressure.


-Material: Machined Brass
-3/4" NPT Male Pipe Thread Outlet To Tank
-3/4" Compression Thread Inlet For 3/4" Copper Tubing
-1/8" NPT Female Pipe Thread Port For Throttle Control
-Factory Set At 145 Psi Cut In & 175 Psi Cut Out Pressure
-Pressure Can Be Adjusted 30-40 Psi Up or Down
-30 CFM Rating
-Equipped With A Manual Unloader Flip Valve At The Top Of The Unloader