4 Port 25 Amp 140-175 PSI Heavy Duty Air Compressor Pressure Switch

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25 Amp heavy-duty air compressor pressure switch. If you have trouble with your current switch burning out or melting contacts, this is a great replacement and upgrade switch. This switch is rated for 25 Amps at 115V, 230V, and 12V DC Power. The switch is set to turn on at 140 PSI and turn off at 175 PSI and the pressure settings are adjustable 30-40+- PSI. This pressure switch features an on/off switch and an unloader valve that you can attach or leave uninstalled depending on what your compressor calls for. This is a great replacement/upgrade switch for Furnas, Square D, Sunny, Lefoo, and many more! This is a universal switch that will work as long as the PSI is close enough to be adjusted to whatever you need. This is a 4 port pressure switch, we also carry the single port switches in our store.

(This switch is for compressors with high amps or without a starter.  This is also for smaller compressors if you would just like a great heavy duty long long-lasting switch.)


• This switch has four 1/4" NPT Female Ports.
• One 1/4" NPT Port is used as a tank pressure air inlet
• Three 1/4" NPT Ports can be used for gauge, relief valves, air outlets, or can be plugged if not needed.
• 1 Single 1/4" Compression Inlet for the unloader valve
• Includes compression nut and ferrel
• 25 Amp Power Handling at 115V, 230 Volt and DC Power
• On and Off lever located on the side
• Cut in Pressure: 140 PSI (adjustable)
• Cut out pressure: 175 PSI (adjustable)