Hitachi Pilot Unloader Check valve Combo for Gas Compressors 885426 EC2510E

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Hitachi Pilot Unloader Check Valve NG-42-M-110-140

This pilot unloader check valve replaces the Hitachi part number 885426 for EC2510E Gas Compressors 110 - 140 PSI. The pressure setting on this valve can be adjusted by 30-40 psi up or down and is rated to handle 30 SCFM. They are used on both gas engines and electric motor compressors. The top inlet portion of the valve will connect to your main airline from your pump and is a 1/2" flare fitting. The bottom outlet will connect to your air receiver tank and is a 3/8" male NPT. The 1/8" Male NPT connection for the throttle control cable will connect to the throttle control port on the unloader. The Z bend tip of the throttle control cable will connect to the throttle arm on your engine. A muffler is included to reduce noise. Please see below for more details and specifications. 

Features and Specifications:

• Pre-set Pressure Range: 110-140 PSI
• Can Be Adjusted by 30-40 PSI
• Replacement for Hitachi Part Number 885426
• 1/2" Flare Inlet
• 3/8" Male NPT Tank Connection
• 1/8" NPT Side Port