In Line Air Compressor Moisture Separator Filter Element F8107 Replacement F80

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Brand new replacement filter element F8107. This filter element is designed to be used in our F800 series air line moisture filters and filter regulator combinations. This is a replacement high quality 25 micron filter element. This element measures about 1" long x 1" in diameter at the top and slightly tapers to about 15/16" on the lower side. This replaces the element in F802, F803, F804, FR802, FR803, FR804 filters and filter / regulators. 

This element is designed to separate moisture from your air line will  inline moisture separators.
Works with many others!


Part Number: F8107
Moisture Filters
25 Micron Filter Element
Length: 1" 
Diameter: 1" on top tapering to about 15/16" on the bottom side.