For Ingersoll Rand Replacement 1/2" Female NPT x 3/4" Brass Air Compressor Check Valve 97162812

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Aftermarket Check Valve for Ingersol Rand Air Compressor - 1/2" Female NPT x 3/4" Male NPT

One new Aftermarket 1/2" female NPT x 3/4" male NPT in tank air compressor check valve, part number: 97162812 for Ingersoll Rand. This style of check valve is usually screwed directly into the air tank, then the main line coming off the compressor is connected to it. This valve prevents backflow or tank pressure from getting back to the air compressor pump once the compressor is shut off. This valve has a 1/8" female NPT port on the side which usually goes to an unloader valve on your pressure switch or air compressor pump as well as a 1/4" female NPT port on the opposite side.


• Part Number: 97162812
• Valve Inlet Threads- 1/2" Female (measure about 3/4" in diameter)
• Outlet Threads / Tank Threads- 3/4" Male NPT (measure about 1" in diameter)
•Side Port- 1/8" Female NPT (measure about 3/8" in diameter)
• Side Port- 1/4" Female NPT (measure about 1/2" in diameter)
• Total Length-  About 3"