Legacy RP901375 Flexzilla 3/8" Inch Field Repairable Air Hose Splicer Splice

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Flexzilla RP901375

This brand new Legacy Flexzilla 3/8" hose splicer is for easy on-the-job Flexzilla hose repairs. With this hose splicer fitting, it enables you to repair your hose easily on the job as many times as needed. This splicer is great to have on hand for a just in case situation at any job site or home shop just having this splicer around can save you a lot of time and money. If your hose becomes cut, nicked, or even if you accidentally shoot a nail through the hose this 3/8" splicer will help get you back to work quickly. This splicer is only compatible with 3/8" Flexzilla & Flexzilla pro air hoses made by Legacy MFG.


• 3/8" hose splicer
• Anodized Air Craft Aluminum
•Made To Repair Flexzilla Air Hose