M7500 RapidAir MaxLine 3/4" Compressed Air Tubing Commercial / Shop Piping Kit

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(M7500 3/4" master kit made by RAPIDAIR)

Brand new 3/4" MaxLINE compressed air piping system master kit. This is a M7500 kit made by RAPIDAIR. The MaxLINE kit is a great solution for a compressed air piping system in a large garage/shop or a commercial application. This kit includes almost everything anyone could need plus you can add on to it at anytime if you need more tubing or outlets the possibilities are endless. The quality of this kit is superior with its aluminum lined tubing and is at an incredible price for what you get! This kit includes 100ft of the 3/4" MaxLINE tubing, 3 compressed air outlet kits (Note: the outlet blocks have a 1/2" female npt port on the front, back, and top side for air line hook-up and air outlet also a 3/8" port on the bottom side for ball valve drain), 2 tee fittings, a 3/4" male npt straight fitting to adapt the tubing to a 3/4" npt female outlet (Note: this is normally used to connect the tubing to the compressor or air source.), also included is 20 tubing mount clips, tubing bevel tool, and tubing cutter. This kit is fast and easy to install. The maxline tubing is very easy to work with an can be bent in most any angle and will hold its shape.


-Nickel plated brass fittings
-Corrosion resistant
-Leak proof
-Cost effective
-Double o-ring seal design
-Split ring allows easy disassembly
-No expensive tools required
-175 psi working pressure at 70 degrees F
-140 psi working pressure at  140 degrees F
-Meets OSHA guidelines
-Temperature range -40F to140 degrees F
-Compatible with common compressor oils
-Dimensions of aluminum air outlet block: 3.5" tall x 3" wide x 2" deep