Milton 44 Pc Air Tool Kit Impact Wrench Blow Gun Accessories Exelair EX4405KIT

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Milton 44 Piece Air Tool Kit EX4405KIT

EXELAIR by Milton® EX4405KIT (44-Piece Professional Air Tool Accessory Kit) - Impact Wrench, Air Ratchet, Die Grinder, Blow Gun, Air Hammer, Dual Air Chuck, Tire Gauge, and Accessories EXELAIR by Milton, 44 piece Air Compressor Tool Kit is ideal for all automotive, DIY and industrial projects. Each tool is designed with comfortable handle grips for long use. For your safety, the Ratchet Wrench and Die Grinder are equipped with an adjustable exhaust vent.


• ½” IMPACT WRENCH: 500 ft. lbs. Max Torque; Adjustable forward/reverse power control settings. AIR HAMMER: 4,500 BPM; Includes Chisel/Point Bits.
• ⅜” AIR RATCHET: 60 ft. lbs. Max Torque; 160 RPM. M-Style PLUGS: 5 Male, 1 Female. DUAL AIR CHUCK.
• ¼” AIR DIE GRINDER: 25,000 RPM. Auto maintenance w/throttle lever. 10 grinding stones. TIRE GAUGE: 50 PSI.
• BLOW GUN: 8 CFM. Set of 3 nozzles (Safety, Tapered, Rubber). IMPACT SOCKETS: W/Extension and Adapter.
• BONUS: Blow-molded storage case, collet, oil, tape, inflation needles, hand wrenches, spring retainer.