Milton ColorFit M Style coupler and Plug Kit 1/4" NPT 7 Pieces S-307MKIT Red

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Milton ColorFIT S-307MKIT 7 Piece M Style Coupler and Plug Kit

Milton's 3-Piece M-Style Color Fit system offers a customized color-coded system that allows for easy matching of the coupler and plug styles. This is a great way to solve that annoying problem of potential cross-contamination between different airlines. Dedicating certain colors to different airlines will eliminate the risk of mixing a lubricated line with a dry airline which will prolong your applications and help to quickly finish any project. Each piece in this kit is coated with anodized red aluminum and heavy-duty steel sleeves to prevent scratches or dulling of the coupler and plug after use. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Feature and Specifications

• One 1/4" Female NPT Coupler
• One 1/4" Male NPT Coupler
• Two 1/4" Female NPT Plugs
• Three 1/4" Male NPT Plugs
• Red ColorFit (Compatible with All M-Style Couplers)
• 35 SCFM Max

This listing is for a single 7-piece coupler/plug kit