Milton Dial Tire Gauge 0-160 PSI with 12" Hose 45 Degree Dual Headed Chuck S-936

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Milton S-936 Dial Tire Gauge 0-160 PSI with 12" Hose

This Milton dial tire gauge is the perfect tool to keep in your glove box or toolbox. This gauge has a pressure range of 0-160 PSI, with clearly marked increments at every 5 PSI. This gauge also features a built-in deflator that allows you to let air out of your tires in case you overfill them with air or if you need to air down for better traction in slippery conditions. Please see below for more features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

 • Range: 0-160 PSI
• Increments: 5 Lbs
• 12" Rubber Hose
• 45° Dual-Headed Tire Chuck
• Built-In Deflator
• Durable Rubber Boot for Added Protection

This listing is for one Milton S-936 tire gauge.