Milton Pneumatic Air Tool Oil Lubricant 32 Oz 10W ISO 32 Non-Synthetic 1001-32

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Milton High-Performance Pneumatic Tool Oil - 32 Ounces

 Brand new 32 oz. bottle of Milton high-performance pneumatic air tool lubricating oil. Since proper lubrication is essential to keep pneumatic tools in peak condition, Milton's air tool oil was created to extend the life and performance of air tools, lubricators, valves, and cylinders. Not only does Milton's air tool oil restore your tools to running like new, but it can also prevent the seizure of tools and pneumatic equipment during the moments you need them the most. Milton's formula absorbs moisture, protects against rust, and even helps prevent the formation of deposits. This non-synthetic, ISO 32 grade 10 weight oil is recommended for tools requiring a lubricant.

Features and Specifications:

• SAE 10W
• ISO 32
• 32 Ounce Bottle with Easy Pour Cap
• Reduces Corrosion and Rust
• Separates from Water Easily
• Prevents Formation of Sludge Deposits
• Non-Synthetic Anit-Foaming Formula
• Works in Temperatures Down to  -25°F