Milton Pneumatic Tool Cleaner 4 Ounce Bottle Made in the USA Removes Rust 1003-4

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Milton 1003-4 Pneumatic Tool Cleaner - 4 Ounces

Restore your tool's performance with Milton's high-quality air tool cleaner. Milton's air tool cleaner ensures your tools are kept free from performance-inhibiting contaminants which helps keep your work crew efficient while on the job. This cleaner can remove rust, dirt, and varnish. With just a few drops and a little bit of time, you can bring your air tools back to life. Please see below for more details and specifications. 

Features and Specifications:

• 4 Ounce Easy Pour Bottle
• Removes Contaminants Such as Rust, Dirt, and Varnish
• Won't Harm Internal Components or Seals
• Makes Old Tools Run Like New Again
• Made in the USA