Milton S-217 V Style European Interchange Air Coupler and Plug Kit 1/4" NPT

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Milton S-217 V Style European Interchange 6-Piece Coupler and Plug Kit

Milton’s V-Style high flow couplers and plugs are ideal for high volume, low-pressure applications. These couplers will also accept M-Style and A-Style plugs. However, V-Style plugs are recommended to retain maximum airflow. With their push-type sleeve release, simply push the plug into the coupler to engage and pull the sleeve release back to remove. Maximum inlet working pressure of 300 PSI. 1/4" basic flow size. Airflow of up to 74 SCFM. 

Feature and Specifications

• Two Steel 1/4" MNPT Plugs
• Two Steel 1/4" FNPT Plugs
• Two Brass 1/4" FNPT Couplers
• 300 PSI Maximum
• Maximum Airflow 74 SCFM
• Compatible With M Style and A Style Plugs
Perfect For High Volume, Low-Pressure Applications