Mini 1/2" x 1/2" Male to Female NPT Ball Valve WOG 200 PSI

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Brand new 1/2" inline ball valve. This is a solid brass valve that is nickel plated for corrosion resistance. This valve comes equipped with 1/2" male NPT ends on one side and 1/2" female NPT threads on the other. This valve has a plastic handle for opening and closing. This is a versatile valve and can be used inline, as a drain, line shut off, and in countless other applications! This valve measures 1-3/4" long making it perfect for compact spaces.


Solid Brass
Nickel Plated for Corrosion Resistance
1/2" Male NPT Threads (measure about 3/4" diameter)
1/2" Female NPT Threads (measure about 3/4" diameter) 
Total Length: 1-3/4" 
200 PSI Max Pressure