Premium 1/4" x 15' Air Compressor Coil Hose Polyurethane Coiled Swivel End Red

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1/4" x 15' Coiled Air Hose Part Number AU-2061RD

One brand new high-quality 1/4" red polyurethane spiral coil spring back style air hose. This coiled air hose is 1/4" inside diameter and is 15' feet long stretched out, with 1/4" NPT threaded ends on both sides. (Note: One end of the air hose features a 360-degree swivel end fitting.) This air hose is constructed out of red polyurethane which has great resistance to weathering, abrasion, oil, and kinks. This hose provides durability and flexibility even in extreme weather conditions and has a great coil memory. The maximum working pressure rating for this air hose is 135 PSI and comes with one factory male 1/4" NPT end that can swivel 360°, and one standard 1/4" male end. This recoil air hose is suitable for industrial, contractor, shop, mechanical, or household use with air compressors, nailers, sprayers, and staple guns, among other tools.


• Coiled Polyurethane Hose
• Polyurethane Construction for durability and flexibility
• Functions Properly in Extreme Weather Conditions
• Resistant to weathering, abrasion, oil, and kinks
• 1 Male end that can swivel 360°
• 1 Male end with a standard end
• 1/4" x 15'