PrevoS1 Blow Gun High Flow OSHA Compliant Polyamide Nozzle Compact EPG 07OSH

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Prevost PrevoS1 Blow Gun with OSHA Polyamide Composite Nozzle

Brand new PrevoS1 Blow Gun for European style high flow couplers. This blow gun features a 3/8" high flow interchange for an easy connection and a max operating pressure of 174 PSI. This blow gun also works in extreme temperatures, rated for 5°F to 158°F, it will hold up in almost any environment. In addition to its rugged construction, this blow gun is OSHA compliant, so you can use it with confidence. 


• 3/8" High Flow Interchange
• 5°F to 158°F
• Compact Design
• 174 PSI Max Operating Pressure
• Polyamide Composite Body
• Built-In Adaptor

Note: This blow gun only works with European high flow air couplers or with Prevost brand S1 couplers that have a green button and 1/4" body.