Prevost 1/4" NPT Angled Quiet Blow Gun Compressed Air Tool 27202 SILS

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Brand new Prevost 27202 SILS Progressive Flow quiet blow gun. This is a very high quality blow gun. The body of this gun is made of impact resistant, ultra-durable ABS plastic and features precision machined brass inner workings. This blow gun blows past the competition! Prevost is an Italian compressed air accessory manufacturer and their products are the pinnacle of quality. 

This blowgun features a 2.5" angled composite extension that is much quieter than your typical blowgun. This OSHA approved blowgun is rated at 77db with full pressure.  This pistol style air gun features an ergonomic grip with an easy to use squeeze trigger.



Sturdy Construction
Protected Inner Mechanism
Quiet Flow Nozzle (77db)
Progressive Flow for precise air flow rate
Max Pressure 145 PSI
Operationg Temp. 5°F to 158°F
1/4" FNPT
Composite High Tech Material
Brass Threaded Inlet