Prevost Prevo S1 IBG06OSH Compressed Air Industrial Style Blow Gun OSHA Tip New

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Brand new Prevost pocket blow gun. This is a PrevoS1 IBG06OSH model blow gun. This is an extremely high quality air accessory and features a specially designed OSHA approved tip with Venturi ports. The nozzle on this blow gun has angled cuts in it (Venturi ports) that magnify the air flow for maximum output! This blow gun is designed to be used exclusively with Prevost's PrevoS1 Industrial Style safety couplers. The design of these blowguns is very sleek and efficient, they are designed to be used with the PrevoS1 couplers that will act as a handle for the blow gun when in use. This is one of the best compact air blow guns on the market for compressed air accessories and features the latest technology in compressed air. Due to the design of the coupler plug being molded into the gun, this blow gun MUST be used with industrial style couplers, we highly recommend the PrevoS1 for optimum performance and safety. 


• Industrial Style Fitting
• Operating Volume- 89dB
• Venturi Tip for Maximized Air Flow
• OSHA Approved
• Compatible With All Industrial Style Safety Couplers, PrevoS1 Recommended

**Coupler and Wall Mount**