Prevost TF-C3 In Line Moisture Separator Filter Element for 203 Series

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Brand new Prevost TF-C3 filter element. This filter element is designed to be used in 1/2" Prevost inline air filters and filter regulator combinations. This is a high quality 25 micron filter element. This element measures 2-3/8" long and 1-3/16" diameter. 

This element is designed to separate moisture from your air line will only work with Prevost 203 Series inline moisture seperators.
Works with: TM203, TF203, TM-PSM203, TB-CSM203, TB-SME203, TB-PSM203, TB-SM203, TT-PSM203, and TT-SM203 and many others!

Click HERE to see the TF-203 filter that this element works with!


Part Number: TF-C3
To be used in TF-C3 Series Moisture Filters
25 Micron Filter Element
Length: 2-3/8"
Diameter: 1-3/16"
Thickness of Filter Wall: Approx. 1/8"