Puma PD-1021 Dual Tank 12 Volt Dual Tank 2 Gallon Oil-Less Air Compressor

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Brand new Puma PD-1021 oil-less, 12 volt, 2 gallon, twin tank air compressor. Don't let the size of this little air compressor fool you! This compressor will put out 3.4 CFM at 40 PSI and 3 CFM at 90 PSI! This is a great compressor for emergency air on board a truck, boat, or utility vehicle! Also great for air suspension and air horns! This compressor draws 30 Amps and pumps up to 135 PSI.

Model: PD-1021
Dimensions: Height- 15" Length- 14" Width- 16"
Horsepower: 1 HP Peak - 3/4 Running HP
150 PSI Max / 135 PSI Working Pressure
2 Gallon Tank
1 Year Warranty
12 Volt DC Power Supply
Amp Draw: 30 Amps