Puma TUK-50 3 Cylinder Two Stage Cast Iron Air Compressor Pump 26.5 CFM 175 PSI

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Puma TUK-50 3 Cylinder 2 Stage Compressor Pump

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Brand new Puma, cast iron, 3-cylinder, 2 stage, 175 PSI max pressure, air compressor pump. This air compressor pump features a complete cast iron body, cylinders, as well as cast iron heads, which ensures a long life even in the hardest working conditions. This is an oil lubricated pump with the heads in a 'W' shape, which allows the cylinders to stay cooler than traditional style air pumps. If you need a high quality, long lasting, dependable pump, this is a great option. The compressor is equipped with floating, steel reed valves which are designed for longevity and performance. Depending on the RPM that you will be spinning this pump, which can be anywhere between 950-1230 RPM, it will put out 26.5 CFM max. A 14.5" flywheel comes installed on the pump and requires two 'A Section' belts (not included). This is a high quality pump that can give you years of reliable performance in a large variety of applications.

This is a versatile pump and can be used with gas or electric motors. If using a gas engine, it must be at least 11 HP or greater. If using an electric motor, it must be at least a true 5 HP motor which will be around 21-23 amps. To get the max CFM out of this pump you would need a 7.5 HP motor in the 28-33 amp range if using single phase. As you can see in the picture, this pump has a small copper line going from one head to the next. This line is for use in dual control or gas engine applications. Using this line with a pilot valve will allow the pump to spin freely when up to pressure without continually pumping air and building heat. This makes for a much longer life span of the pump. If you are using this pump with a standard electric motor, you can leave these lines hooked up with nothing connected to them and the pump will operate normally. Or, you can remove the copper lines and plug the top of each cylinder with a 1/8" NPT plug. For more information on this pump, or to better understand how it will work in your application, you can contact us through the eBay message system at any time. This pump is commonly used on TK-7580VM, TK-5080VM, TUK-7580VM, TUK-5080VM compressors and more.


• Brand: PUMA
• Part Number: TUK-50
• Two Stage
• 3-Cylinder
• Solid Cast Iron Constuction (Body, Cylinders, & Heads)
• Oil Lubricated
• Easy View Oil Level Sight Glass
• 14.5" Flywheel
• Requires 2 'A Section' Belts Which Measure 1/2" Wide (Not Included)
• 950-1230 RPM
• 18-26.5 CFM 
• 175 Max PSI
• Can be used with Gas or Electric Motor
• "W" Shaped Cylinders
• Two Air Filter Enclosures and Elements Included
• Overall Dimensions: 23" x 11" x 20"