Quincy QT5 Air Compressor Pump Head Rebuild Kit Valve Plates & Gaskets ROC 200

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Quincy QT5 Air Compressor Pump Head Rebuild Kit

This is for a head rebuild kit that fits Quincy Compressors QT5 air compressor pumps. The kit fits the record of change numbers also known as ROC number 200+. It contains the complete plate and head gaskets. Note: make sure your model is QT5 and not a QTS5 as these are different models and this kit will not fit a QTS5. Also, the ROC # has to be above 200, if your ROC number is lower, the valve plate design did change so this kit would not fit. This kit contains all parts shown in the pictures.

Kit includes a complete valve plate and gaskets.


• Fits Quincy Air Compressors QT5 Air Compressor Pumps
• Contains Valve Plate and Head Gaskets
• Make Sure Your Model is a QT5 and Not a QTS5 As These are Different Models
• ROC # Has to Be Above 200