RapidAir Maxline 1/2" Tubing Inlet Dual 1/2" FNPT Outlet Air Wall Drop M8200

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Maxline M8200 Dual Port Outlet Kit 1/2" Inlet & 2 1/2" Dual Outlet Ports

This is a MaxLine M8200 Dual Outlet Port. This port has a 1/2" inlet that only works with 1/2" MaxLine tubing. It features two 1/2" outlets that come out at an angle to make adding attachments convenient. This outlet port also features a twist moisture drain on the bottom to make sure you do not get excess water build up in your airlines.

This does NOT come with the tubing shown or the ball valve drain.


• Kit includes: Nylon molded block, M8002 Maxline adapter fitting, drain valve
• 175 PSI maximum working pressure
• Front of block is ported 1/2-Inch FNPT thread 2x
• Gray nylon material
• Use only with Maxline 1/2-Inch system
• Dimensions with Fittings Attached
- Height: Approximately 7.5"
- Width: Approximately 3.75"
- Depth: Approximately 3.5"