RapidAir MaxLine 3/4" x 1/2" Female Drop Tee Union M8078

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RapidAir MaxLine 3/4" Piping Tee

New RapidAir brand MaxLine piping system 3/4" tee with 1/2" female NPT pipe thread for the center / middle inlet of the tee. Part no. M8078. This tee is used only with MaxLine 3/4" pipe / tubing. It allows you to splice the tubing and have a standard 1/2" female NPT pipe thread inlet anywhere in your system! This works great for adding hose reels into your MaxLine system without needing an outlet block; or adapting existing airline with standard pipe fitting to your MaxLine system.


• Part Number: M8078
• 3/4" x 1/2" Female Drop Tee
• Solid Brass
• Nickel Plating For Corrosion Resistance