RapidAir MaxLine Compressed Air Piping System Outlet Kit M7510 w/ Tubing Adaptor

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Compressed Air Outlet Kit # M7510

This listing is for a brand new MaxLINE compressed air outlet kit (part number M7510) This outlet kit is for the Maxline 3/4" air piping made by RAPIDAIR. This kit includes: qty (1) aluminum outlet block, qty (1) 1/2" npt plug, qty (1) 3/8" ball valve, and qty (1) 3/4" straight MaxLINE tubing adaptor. The outlet block included has three 1/2" ports one in the front to adapt your coupler or air hose, one on the top, and one on the back. The top one or back one is used for the air line inlet depending on the installation and a plug is included to plug whatever one is not used. Note: the 1/2" npt female ports measure about 3/4" in diameter. If your coupler or air hose your connecting is not 1/2" you can use a reducer to adapt it which can be found at most any local hardware store. If you need a tee fitting or tubing to adapt this additional outlet to your MaxLINE system or any other parts see our (MaxLINE Air Tubing) eBay store category or see our other items.
(Dimensions of aluminum air outlet block: 3.5" tall x 3" wide x 2" deep)

Part Number: M7510
1 - M81010 Aluminum Block
1 - 50136 1/2" NPT Plug
1 - 50120 3/8" NPT Ball Valve
1 - M8005 Tubing Adapter
Front Block is ported with 1/2" NPT Threads
175 PSI Working Pressure

*Coupler & 45° Brass Elbow NOT included.