RapidAir Swivel Bracket for RapidAir R-03075 And R-05050 Hose Reels R-SB05050

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RapidAir Swivel Bracket For RapidAir Hose Reels R-SB05050

This RapidAir Swivel Bracket is made of steel and works best on R-05050 and R-03075 hose reels. This swivel bracket has up to a 180-degree swivel radius, with lock screws to keep your hose reel where you need it to be. See below for more features and specifications.

Features And Specifications
• Made Of Steel And Painted In Rust Resistant Paint
• Swivel Radius Up To 180 Degrees
• Works With Both R-05050 And R-03075
• Has Screws You Can Use To Lock Your Preferred Angle In Place
• Can Be Attached To Any Flat Surface