Safety Tilt Valve Rubber Air Blow Gun 1/4" NPT Inlet Lonn Manufacturing Made in USA

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Brand new industrial grade high quality rubber tilt valve compressed air blow gun with safety tip made in the USA by Lonn Manufacturing. This blow gun features a unique design that makes it easy to operate and is perfect for any work surface. To use this gun you simply bend the rubber nozzle (as shown in the picture). This is a great option for a home, garage, or shop! This can be used in applications where you do not want to scratch your work surface. The notched safety tip helps make this blow gun safer to operate than other comprable models. The Solid Rubber boddy of this blow gun protects against scratching and marring and is resistant to drops in the work place! This blow gun features a solid brass 1/4" female NPT connection fitting. With this blowgun you control the amount of air flow by how much you bend the nozzle! For a small amount of flow you only bend the nozzle a little bit, the more you bend it the more flow you get! This blow gun makes it extremely easy to control your air flow exactly the way you need it!


• 1/4" Female NPT
• Solid Brass Connection
• Tilt Valve Style Blowgun
• Solid Rubber Body 
• Total Length: 4-1/8"
• Easy To Use
• Prevents Scratching / Marring of Work Surfaces
• Notched Safety Tip
• High Quality Durable Construction