Sanborn Coleman Powermate Air Compressor 105-0004 Regulator Manifold Repair Kit

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Air Compressor Manifold Repair Kit 105-0004

Brand new Sanborn, Craftsman, or Coleman Powermate manifold repair kit. If you are not sure this is the right part, feel free to contact us at anytime!

This repair kit fits the following models and more: 

• Air compressor parts: 84A150, 104200, 104A200-22, 112A300, 143A400, 400A30H, 34A50, 34B50

• Air compressor manifold parts: P0502010, CP0502010

• Regulator parts for older belt driven units

• Parts: 64BL100, 64BL150, 89BL200, P0302013, P3001113, P0502013, P0502513