Square D 4 Port 135-175 PSI Air Compressor Pressure Switch 9013FHG54J59M1X New

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Square D - 4 Port 135-175 PSI Air Compressor Pressure Switch
This Square D Pumptrol 9013FHG54J59M1X air-compressor pressure switch controls an electrically driven air compressor in a power circuit when the adjustable threshold upon falling is reached and is set to turn off at 175 psi. The switch has a 4-way NPSC flange fluid connection and is suitable for use with a 2HP to 5HP motor depending on voltage and phase, read below for more details. The non-adjustable differential is 40 psi, and the adjustable cut-out range is 100-200 psi.
The switch is diaphragm actuated and has a fixed differential. The threshold, or setting point, upon rising adjusts with a screw nut. The switch has screw terminal electrical connections, and two 2-pole NC contacts open on rising pressure. The enclosure is National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Type 1 and Ingress Protection (IP) 20 rated. The switch is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed and Canadian Standards Organization (CSA) certified. This switch includes a 2-way pressure release valve. The maintained manual cut-out lever has auto and off positions. Square D Pumptrol pressure switches are manufactured by Schneider Electric.

• Brand: Square D Pumptrol
• Model: 9013FHG54J59M1X
• Pressure Range Switch: 60 to 200 PSI
• Pressure Switch Differential: 40 PSI
• Unloader Connection Port: 1/4" Compression Which Accepts 1/4" Outside Diameter Copper Or High Pressure Tubing
• Pressure Switch Factory On/Off Setting: 135/175 PSI
• Number of Pressure Sensing Connection Ports: Four 1/4" Female NPT (Note: 1/4" NPT Measures About 1/2" In Diameter)
• Temp Range: -22° to 257° F
• AC Contact Rating: 10A @ 575V
• Special Features: Nitrile (Buna-N) Diaphragm
• This is designed for up to 2 hp on a 115 volts, 3 hp on 230 volt single phase, and 5 hp 230 volt 3 phase

Note: If being used with a magnetic starter the amperage does not matter since all the main power is going through the starter not the pressure switch