Two Intake Filter Elements For Curtis Air Compressors 2" x 4-3/8" Air Filters

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Two Intake Filters for Curtis Air Compressors.

Two new air compressor intake filter paper elements with a pre-filters, part number 127AG. These replacement filters are a common filter used on many brands of compressors, they are 2" tall, 4 3/8" outside diameter and 3" inside diameter. These filter elements are made with a heavy-duty paper material surrounded by a galvanized mesh screen with a foam pre-filter that is removable. These are top-quality filters and have a 99% filtration efficiency.

Size Specifications:

• Height: 2"
• Outside Diameter: 4-3/8"
• Inside Diameter: 3"

At times these can vary in color, but the quality and specifications are exactly the same.