Two Way Air Hose Compressor Swivel Splitter 1/4" NPT 360 Degrees New

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GRIP Tools 10567 Two Way Air Swivel Splitter

Brand new two way compressed air swivel splitter. This is a high quality compressed air line splitter that can be used to run up to 2 lines out of one and features a 360-degree swivel that keeps your hoses from kinking and twisting. This is a great accessory to have for your air line system and is extremely versatile. As you can see in the photos, this splitter makes it possible to turn one air compressor line into two. You can easily connect this to a single air line and operate multiple lines for tools and accessories. This is a great option for when you need a few people working off of one compressor at the same time. Whether you're working in your home garage, shop, industrial settings, or on a job site, this is a great accessory to have on hand.
• Use to Connect Multiple 1/4" NPT Air Lines to an air Compressor or Single Air Line
• 360 Degree Swivel Design Keeps Hoses from Kinking and Twisting
• Chrome Plated to Resist Corrosion