Weg 3 HP Single Phase Electric Heavy Duty Compressor Motor 56 Frame 208-230V 3450 RPM

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3 HP 56H Frame Single Phase 3480 RPM WEG Electric Motor

This listing is for a brand new WEG 3 horsepower air compressor motor model number 00336OS1CCD56-S, this motor is 208-230 volt, 13-12.7 AMPS, 60 Hz, 56H Frame, single phase, 5/8" diameter shaft, and 3480 RPM. This motor is the perfect option for applications that require robustness, low weight, and high performance in a single product. Because of their high starting torque, they are particularly well-suited for heavy starting loads such as compressors and other equipment. If you have any questions about this motor or if it will work as a replacement on your compressor feel free to contact us.


• Frame: 56H
• Output: 3 HP
• Number of Poles: 2
• Frequency: 60 Hz
• Rated Speed: 3480 RPM
• Slip: 3.33%
• Rated Voltage: 208-230 Volts
• Rated Current: 13-12.7 Amps
• Rated Torque: 4.47 FT. LB.
• Locked Rotor Torque: 165%
• Breakdown Torque: 250%
• Locked Rotor Time: 12s (Cold) / 7s (Hot)
• Insulation Class: F
• Temperature Rise: 105 K
• Service Factor: 1.00 (1.00 at 208V)
• Starting Method: Direct on Line
• Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
• Enclosure: ODP
• Mounting: F-1
• Rotation: Both (CW and CCW)
• Noise Level: 58dB
• Approx. Weight: 37.9 lb
• Frame Material: Rolled Steel
• Shaft Material: SAE1040/45 Carbon Steel
• Shaft Diameter: 5/8" Keyed
• Shaft Length: 1 7/8"


This motor has a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty and also a 30 day warranty directly through Compressor-Source*

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! We take the time to package these motors extremely well to make sure they get to you in perfect condition.
If you have any questions about this motor, feel free to reach out to us.