Weg 6.4 HP Single Phase Electric Heavy Duty Compressor Motor 56 Frame 240V 3450 RPM

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*Brand New Motor, Product Has Been Repackaged, Sold AS IS no Manufacturer Warranty*

This is a Brand New motor that is designed to meet the high torque requirements of air compressor loads. Ball bearings designs and manual reset thermal protection are standard features on all ratings. Special electrical and mechanical features ensure reliable service and long motor life. The motor plate has mounting for 56 frame or 182/4Y as long as you need a shaft diameter of 7/8". This motor is an exact replacement for a D26719 or Z-D26719.  This motor has been repackaged and does not include any Manufacturer's Warranty, sold AS IS.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us.


• 3450 RPM
• 5 Horsepower
• ODP Enclosure
• Works for either 56 Frame / 182/4Y
• Shaft Diameter 7/8"
• Single Phase
• 240 Volt
• 60Hz
• 4.8 Kilowatts
• 85 FL Efficiency
• 23 FL Amps